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13 April 2009 @ 10:22 am
Who owns the movie rights?  
I was looking at the news and thinking about the incredible job the Navy Seals did in rescuing Captain Richard Phillips, and I realized the entire episode would make a great script for a 'based on true events' movie. Kind of a Die Hard thing. You'd need three solid male actors - the big hero would have been involved in negotiations and yet somehow also ended up leading the Seal operation, plus a supporting actor to play the Captain and another as the head bad guy. Also, one of the pirates should be perceived as somewhat sympathetic - that would be the one who survived and was taken into custody at the end of the film. We need to get a female into the script; there's Phillips' wife, of course, but she's only a victim. Maybe the captain of the rescuing ship could be a woman, or a woman could be the hero's direct boss.

Of course I want Alan Rickman as the Captain, and I like either Johnny Depp or Gary Oldman as the head bad guy.
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